There’s a Fly in My Soup Because I Ordered Fly Soup

I8709178443_7eddc330b1_nn a recent article, writer Helen Andrews breaks down the folly that is Ta-Nehisi Coates.  In a nutshell, and quite eloquently, Coates in most of his writings for The Atlantic asserts that black Americas problems are a direct result  of white people.  Yep, white folks.  Without being specific, or providing data to support his assertions, Coates represents a growing new breed of black writer that is celebrated for postulations that never get to the source of black folks issues, yet provoke responses as if they did.

I call bullshit.

I like to think of American society as a restaurant.  At every table there are individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities, cities, you get the picture.  At every table there’s also a menu of choices available that lead to certain circumstances.  Now, this restaurant is good.  They will bring you whatever you order from this menu and it will be exactly what you ordered, perfectly cooked and seasoned, each and every time.  When I think of the problems that have plagued blacks since the end of the Civil Rights movements, and all the money and special privilege that’s been bestowed upon the race, and the political power that’s been gained, and the fact that American blacks are the most prosperous black people on planet Earth, I’ve come to the conclusion that the condition of black America is the exact condition that they ordered.  If there’s a fly in black America’s soup, it’s not because of racism, it’s because black folks ordered fly soup.


Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

walkawayThe past few years of liberal cultural and political onslaught have brought out a lot of anger from conservatives; and the past few days may be enough to send you over the top.

With 100% certainty I can predict that the fundraising machines of many a conservative think tank and the Republican Party are gearing up to use the recent Supreme Court decisions regarding Obamacare and gay marriage to fatten the coffers.  Simultaneously, several talk radio talking heads will push the notion that we must support grass roots efforts to fight back.  For years we’ve been told that if we only give money, we’ll win.  My question is, “How’s that working out for you?”  May I suggest a different approach?

Stop giving.  Yes, I said STOP GIVING!

When you think about it hard, some of the daily economic activities that many a conservative participates in are the very thing financing their doom.  Let me rephrase so you clearly understand; you’re bankrolling your own destruction.  Sure, you might view these activities as innocuous, but what you don’t realize is the fact that those dollars come home to roost.  I realized this years ago and decided to fight with my dollars by keeping them in my pocket.  No loud screams of taking my country back, no protests or rallies, no town halls.  Just good ‘ol boycotting in the form of refusing to send my money to those who work against my way of life.  Here’s a list of what and whom I stopped supporting:

  1. Banks – Wall Street is liberal and only supports conservative causes when it suits their bottom line.  Think about how many credit cards you have and pay interest on, and then imagine that interest being donated to politicians that work feverishly against you.  I paid off my credit cards and cancelled most of them.  The ones I keep are for expenses at work.
  2. Hollywood – This one is easy.  Hollywood is as left as left can be, and conservatives send billions of dollars to Tinseltown every year that power the libtard media machine.  I stopped going to movies years ago, and thanks to modern technology I haven’t had to pay to rent one in just as long.
  3. Starbucks – Howard Schultz needs to STFU.  Every time a conservative buys a venti Blonde roast, or gets a Frappucino, Howard gets to open his mouth and bloviate about topics ranging from gay marriage to race relations.  Your average large gas station chain or mom and pop coffee shop have beverages every bit as good as Howard’s chain, which is why I get coffee from them instead of Starbucks.  I also make it at home whenever I can.
  4. Cable Television – This fits in with Hollywood, but it’s far closer to home.  Where you have to actually go to a movie theater to see the latest biased blockbuster, cable TV is playing damn near 14 hours a day in the average home.  Imagine 500 plus channels pushing every leftist agenda item at your kids.  I cut the cord and only have internet through the cable company.
  5. Facebook – Good ‘ol Mark Zuckerberg is a pro open borders liberal who wants to invite every immigrant to the states so that he can save a few bucks in development labor by hiring people on H1B visas at half the cost of a qualified American worker.  To do this though, he needs to push that every immigrant can come.  To stop him, you need to delete your account.  I’ve been off Facebook for a bit over 18 months now and you can do it too.  Complete obliteration of my page, and every picture, comment, or like was removed.  Facebook makes their money off advertising, and the fewer users they have, the less money they have.  Besides, the biggest benefit has been actually talking to people, in person, about the goings on in my life.

This is just a tiny list, and I’m sure those of you our there can think of more places.  In a nutshell, the days of symbolic protest are over.  Symbolism is only effective as a liberal tool used against us, and propagated by the media.  Conservatives need action if we’re ever to make a change in this country.



All I’m gonna say on Indiana’s RFRA

As an atheist, I can appreciate that the United States of America has the Constitution and it allows me to freely be an atheist and, well, not practice anything and believe in nothing.  The same Constitution also allows the religious to freely practice and believe in whatever they believe as well.  The federal government has a religious freedom law reaffirming the right to religious expression, and the told the states that it only applies to the federal government.  That means that states, such as Indiana were responsible to make their own religious freedom laws.

Indiana did just that.  The law doesn’t allow for blanket discrimination, just like before the law was passed.  The law doesn’t justify discrimination against a group, just like before the law was passed.  It only said that the state will not get into a dispute between two parties where party 1 refused to perform a service to party 2 based on religious grounds and pick sides.  Those parties would have to go to court to duke it out.  That’s it.

What the law did is stem the tide of incrementalism by the gay lobby.  See, the gay lobby wants the state to pick a side and get involved in these disputes where for popular example, a Christian baker refuses to bake a cake for a gay wedding.  The hope is that by the state making a decision in favor of the gay couple, the state has made a de facto judgment that gays have rights based solely on sexual orientation.  See?  The rights haven’t been voted upon by the legislature, or put on a ballot for the greater society to decide; but they still nonetheless exist.  The state decided that by not getting into that argument, the state wouldn’t have to choose whose rights were violated, or violate anyone else’s rights.  Brilliant.

Unfortunately, the gay lobby saw the brilliance, and went on the attack using scary words like “hate”.

The uninformed masses latched on to emotion in processing the laws’ meaning instead of logic.

Mike Pence went to the worst place on earth to poorly defend the merits of the law, and was “gotcha’d”.

And at the end of the day we’re still in the exact same place.



Starbuck’s Should Race Out of the Race Discussion


Starbuck’s wants to have a conversation about race in America, yay!

There’s nothing better than when rich white liberals that don’t live near, send their kids to school with, befriend, or operate their businesses anywhere close to black people; look down on us poor, imbecilic, and incapable black folks with pity.

So, where do we start.  What would you like to converse about?  I’ve populated a list of suggestions that I believe are tantamount to solving the race issue:

  1. Cultural Mediocrity
  2. Lack of Future Time Orientation
  3. High Rates of Illegitimacy
  4. High Rates of Crime
  5. Poor Education
  6. Governmental Dependency

White racism is purposefully left off of the list because it’s NOT one of the biggest issues that has stunted the advancement of black people in America.  So, Starbucks, and like-minded liberals, the balls in your court.

Idiot Frat Boys… So What


I really tried to keep away from this story, but, damn it, I couldn’t.  There’s too many things being said that are stupid, and thus must be dealt with from a rational perspective.  The  Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma did something stupid.  More precisely, the  Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma did something stupid on camera.  But to be ultra precise, the  Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma did something stupid on camera, in an age where social media makes an activist out of everyone, and all local issues become national issues.

Their stupidity, you ask?  Well, they used the word nigger in our zero tolerance, over reactionary, pussified society.

Now, in the rational, real world, where I happen to live, people have this thing called free speech.  It allows to say whatever they want, as long as it isn’t threatening to another person.  It was put into the constitution a couple of centuries ago to protect idiots like the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma and let them continue to be idiots.

But, others disagree with what freedom of speech actually means.  Others like School President David Boren, who said “To those who have misused their free speech in such a reprehensible way, I have a message for you. You are disgraceful.  You have violated all that we stand for. You should not have the privilege of calling yourself ‘Sooners.”  I’m sorry Mr. Boren, I didn’t know that free speech came with an acceptable use policy.

Like it, or not, people have the right to say whatever they want as long as is doesn’t meet the test of a direct threat to the safety of others.  Political correctness at all costs has made people, specifically the majority of whatever group, afraid to be offensive.  This fear has softened the otherwise unflappable American spirit and made everyone a potential target of the ever growing list of the easily offended.

Where Was This in ’08? WaPo’s Weak Preemptive Strike Against Scott Walker

Wisconisn Governor Scott Walker gestures as he addresses the second session of the Republican National Convention in TampaYou’ve gotta love the liberal media machine.  While Lyin’ Brian is suspended for embellishing his journalistic exploits and most major mainstream TV news outlets are under fire for synchronizing narratives, the Washington Post has decided to stoop back into the classic art of muckraking.  Their target: Scott Walker.

And what deliciously tantalizing and potentially career ending scandal did WaPo’s David A. Fahrenthold uncover about Walker?  Well, he dropped out of college and no one knows exactly why.  That’s it.  No, really, that’s it.  Fahrenthold has questions about why Walker dropped out of school, and that’s enough to warrant a story about it, and surmise that “questions linger” over it.  Newsflash for you WaPo, people drop out of school for a number of reasons.  They have families to take care of, they run out of money, or they get burned out.  Regardless of the reason, it’s something that’s personal and has very little bearing on the man’s ability to lead.  Personally, I tire of out-of-touch Ivy League educated lawyers running our country and would love to see someone that I can relate to.  Nevertheless, it would have been great to see some of this crack reporting in 2008 as a completely unknown senator from Illinois stayed completely unknown through his campaign, and subsequent 6 years in office as the president.

Bunch of House Pussies Keep House Pussy as Speaker

Boehner did it!  The mouthpiece of the whimpering, snivelis-MITT-ROMNEY-BOEHNER-largeng, spineless Republican party will once again be speaker so that he and his ilk may display even greater whimpers, snivels, and displays of spinelessness.  Sure there was a coup to unseat him, but let’s face it, America’s political class is beholden to everyone and everything but their constituencies.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce owns Boehner, and he already fucked you and me in the ass in December by doing their bidding for what amounts to amnesty for millions of illegals from sea to shining sea.  From what I hear, the next bit of business is a jobs bill that I’m sure will help the 5 million new interlopers find jobs and compete directly with Americans who’ve been unemployed and underemployed for the last 6 years under the regime of the Messiah himself and ‘ol John Boy’s best bud, Barrack Obama.

I have to give some credit to the brave few house members who put up the good fight for the future of the republic.  I’m sure that retaliation is next on Boehner’s agenda to make sure that they don’t step out of line again and side with you and me.

Really, Put Your Goddamn Hands Up

respect-my-authorityThanks to the continued devolution of black society and empirical evidence supporting that its youngest members may be its most dangerous, police departments that operate in cities with sizable black populations don’t play anymore.  In reality, they never really have.  In 2014, far more police officers have been victims of criminal violence than suspects have been victims of police violence.  So for the foreseeable future, cops will be ever more so vigilant in their duties.  Because of this, every young black male that was raised with a father in the house has received sound advice that the police are not to be fucked with.  Period.  However, many single black mothers fail in teaching their boys to respect authority.  Why you ask, well, I’ll tell you; black women have no respect for authority themselves.

Webster’s defines authority as the power to give orders or make decisions and the power or right to direct or control someone or something.  The abysmal marriage rate in black America can be partially attributed to black women refusing to yield authority to men.  As in granting men power to make decisions, and controlling aspects of the family.  Instead, we’re in a dark, feministic era where women have been taught that their male counterparts can’t do anything that they can’t do themselves; and in a triumphant show of gender one-upmanship, are able to publicly demean, degrade, and question men at every turn.  In other words, women don’t need men until they need a man.  In the black community, this happenstance is supercharged to the nth degree.  These women who don’t need men go into single parenthood and attempt to do the job that a man should be doing in raising children to be conscious and aware of the rituals of the outside world.  One of the single most important rituals that black women fail at teaching, that a man teaches a younger man is the respect of authority.  I was taught all through my younger years that I was to respect teachers, coaches, my elders, and the police.  These people for one reason or another were granted right and power over me, and thus, I was to follow and obey.  When I asked why, I was told that there could be consequences for disrespect.  This is no more important than in an interaction with the police.  They have power granted to them by an entire state or locality, and the consequences for non-compliance (disrespect) can be deadly.

A Little Original Poetry – Inner City Black Kids

We probably won’t grow up, we’re inner city black kids

We’ll likely die by 18 cuz of nothing we did

Killed walking from school, or playing in the park

The perpetrators skin like ours, will also be dark

Thugs see a guy on the block, that last week dissed them

They’ll bust ten shots, and nine will miss him

On the porch with our moms, or sound asleep in our bed

Bullets go astray, and now we lay dead

Just another statistic, no need for a fuss

Our community could give a damn about us

But let a criminal nigga, get killed by police

The world comes together shouting no justice, no peace

Buildings will burn, national media shows

The passion of the protests steadily grows

Everyone cares, it’s the cause of the day

Musicians, actors, and the NFL and NBA

They don their t-shirts, and even throw up their hands

They join the chorus of hypocrites, making demands

Save black lives, is what they proclaim

If they really cared, they would know our names

Of the countless thousands, our lives cut short

The innocent victims, of the hood’s bloodsport

We probably won’t grow up, we’re inner city black kids

We’ll likely die by 18 cuz of nothing we did

Free Your Politics and the Hate Will Follow

Mia Love and black conservatives like her are free thinkers and a threat to racial politics.

The aftermath of Election Day 2014 found the policies of President Barack Obama front and center as voters repudiated the Democrat Party nationally and locally.  One of the not so surprising outcomes of what can only be called a landslide, is that national media wasn’t able to hide the diversity that’s always been a part of Republican Party politics.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped them from hiring liberal black and female surrogates to launch the counter-attack that they themselves wanted to lead.  Take Mia Love.  She’s attractive, intelligent, blacker than black as a Haitian, and a conservative woman from Utah who’s a Mormon.  You’d think that her achievement would be celebrated by black academics and intellectuals, but unfortunately, the opposite has happened.  From the Black Voices section of the Huffington Post and one of their black, intellectual hit-men, Darron T. Smith, Ph.D.:

Love’s political convictions show a strong support for values that do not necessarily represent her interests as a member in any of these oppressed groups. For example, blacks are not doing well with respect to education, economics and health outcomes, while women still trail behind in salary and significant positions of power, and conservative politics are not typically known to aid these groups in such key issues.

Excuse me?  Blacks are not doing well, and our friend forgets that black folks live in mostly large, urban, Democrat controlled cities in which the the residents of said cities have chosen their leadership.  Again, everyone from the school board, treasurer, mayor, council, judges, etc, are Democrats.  What that means is the majority of blacks who have poor health, poor education, and are just plain poor have not had their lives improved by those whom they’ve elected.  But, that’s not the point of the hate.  The point of the hate is that an attractive, conservative, black chick that’s not an Obama dick-rider and not a Democrat is going to Washington to represent her constituency.  A constituency that sent her there to lead and isn’t black.